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Minneapolis iPad Repair

Minneapolis iPad Repair Overview
When an accident causes damages to your iPad you need a reliable repair option. This is where iMobileDoctor and Ace Hardware services come into play. Just find a participating Ace Hardware in your area and drop off the iPad. Within 2 days the iPad will be repaired and operating like new again. In many cases, the repair will be completed sooner depending on the technicians schedule.
What iPad Repairs are Offered?
  • Cracked or Broken Screen
  • Damaged LCD
  • Home Button Repair
  • Battery Replacement
What is the iPad Repair Cost?
Our online pricing guide can be found here.

Where are the Dropoff Locations?
Our Ace Hardware repair locations are expanding rapidly in the Minneapolis, MN area. Click here for a listing of all our repair drop off locations. We are expecting another 8-15 stores to help with our growing iPad repair needs within the next 12 months.

What if I'm out of the Minneapolis, MN Repair Area?
iMobileDoctor has a mail-in iPad repair option available. Just find and purchase the part you need and select the Pro-Installation option on the parts page. Use the mail-in instructions on the parts page and we'll repair and return the iPad within 3 business days of receiving it. Experience the iMobileDoctor Advantage Today!

Can I Perform my own iPad Repairs?
iMobileDoctor does offer all of the parts required to perform your own iPad repair. However, this is a difficult installation with really tight case tolerances. It will typically take a seasoned professional a full hour to complete a cracked screen or glass repair on an iPad. We do not recommend personal installation unless you have great technical skills, correct tools and can follow video guides step by step.

You can find all our iPad parts here or at the Ace Hardware stores.

Minneapolis iPad Repair at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware in Bloomington, MN provides a full selection of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad parts. If you feel confident and have watched our repair videos the next step is to buy the parts and perform the installation. Yes, your cracked iPad screen and glass can be repaired. iMobileDoctor in Ace Hardware provides Pro-Installation services or Do-It-Yourself using our instructional videos.

If you decide do use Pro-Installation service our technicians have thousands of hours of experience performing repairs on iPhone, iPods & iPads. Typically, customers drop off their Apple device for repair at Ace Hardware (Bloomington, MN) and it's returned repaired within 48 hours. Are you ready for the iMobileDoctor advantage today?

Our Bloomington, MN iPhone and iPad repair location is the latest store location. This location serves the Twin Cities area and is conveniently located just 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. We off a full rage of common parts and service for iPhone, iPod and iPad mobility devices.

Minneapolis iPad Repair and Service Areas:
Bloomington, MN
Richfield, MN
Eagan, MN
St Louis Park, MN
Mendota Heights, MN
Minneapolis, MN
St Paul, MN - iPad Repair Savage, MN