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3Gs Screen LCD Replacement Header
Overview: The iPhone 3Gs screen replacement process will vary depending on what components are broken.  The screen assembly is made up of 3 primary components that are the glass/digitizer, midframe, and LCD (see image below).  You need to determine which of the components are broken and require replacement.
The LCD replacement is easier when compared to replacing the glass/digitizer.  The LCD replacement only requires the removal of 6 screws to remove and replace the LCD.
The glass/digitizer replacement first requires the removal of the LCD, then you need to heat up the glass to remove the glass/digitizer off the midframe.  The heat softens the adhesive so it can be removed more easily.  Care need to be take not to overheat the ear piece speaker and proximity sensor during the replacement.  Our iPhone 3Gs screen replacement video walks you through the process step by step.

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   #3Gs-1000, #3Gs-1001, #TS-1000,
           Required Tools:
   #000 Phillips & Flat Head Screw Drivers, Suction Cup                               
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If glass/digitizer is cracked or the touch functionality does not work you require the glass/digitizer part
For severe drops, you could require both the glass/digitizer and LCD
If the LCD display does not light up or certain parts of the screen do not display then you require the LCD part
The parts between the 3G and 3Gs are not compatible between the two model iPhones


Use a suction cup to remove touch screen glass                                          
Remove all dust and particles from both the glass and LCD prior to reassembling
Don't overheat the glass as it could damage the proximity sensor or speaker on the midframe 
Prior to final reassembly onto iPhone base, bend ribbon connector #3 to allow for good angle of attack when reinserting
Use care when removing the LCD as it will break with any bending force
Glass/Digitizer and LCD parts are not compatible between the 3G and 3Gs